As part of the 100-year anniversary of Armistice Day commemorated on 11 November 2018, the Rotary Club of Kew initiated the Kew Remembers Project to create a lasting and accessible tribute to those servicemen and women who, having seen active service during World War 1, are listed on the Kew Cenotaph.  This project recognises the contribution these, and by extension other servicemen and women have made to the Australian community over the preceding 100 years in fostering a just and secure peace within and beyond our borders; and the prominence of the Kew War Memorial and Cenotaph in the local community and the importance of maintaining its relevance for future generations.


Bill Pritchard 

The Kew Remembers Project owes its existence to the years of research undertaken by local amateur historian Mr Bill Pritchard in documenting the service records and other relevant details on men and women in the City of Boroondara who enlisted to serve in World War 1. This numbers some 3,500 personnel of whom the 917 (approximately 25 per cent) listed on the Kew Memorial and Cenotaph became the subject matter of this project. It is unlikely that Bill’s monumental research on World War 1 enlistees from a local community has been surpassed by any similar research undertaken by an individual in the Commonwealth of Australia.

Commonwealth Government, Department of Veterans’ Affair

The Rotary Club of Kew attained funding for the project through the Armistice Centenary Grants Program overseen by the Commonwealth Government, Department of Veterans’ Affairs*. 

Kew Historical Society

The Kew Historical Society also supported the project.  Since its formation in 1958, the Society has worked with local government and other organisations within Kew to stimulate interest in the region’s history and heritage. The Kew Court House: Community Cultural Centre located at 188 High Street, Kew is home to the Kew Historical Society’s ‘History Centre’. The Centre features displays and exhibitions of items related to the history of the area. 


The RSL is Australia's largest, most influential and effective ex-service organisation. The League provides its members with a range of benefits and services, as well as promoting the ties of mateship and caring for veterans and their dependants. The Kew RSL is located at 63 Cotham Road, Kew.

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